Digital Thinking Skills for key stage 2

We deliver fun and interactive workshops packed with real-world case studies to develop digital information literacy from an early age. Pupils are encouraged to question the digital media they encounter – whether on social media or apparently reputable websites. We provide practical tools that enable pupils to find useful information when they need it, and avoid misleading or false information.

Digital Thinking for Primary Schools includes:

  • Search skills
  • Hidden advertising
  • Reliable sources
  • Evaluating evidence
  • Fact-checking

Delivered in-school by experienced facilitators with digital media, marketing and educational expertise, Digital Thinking for Primary Schools teaches children to take a critical view of the materials they see online, so they can be smart, empowered and informed online users.

“It was fun and interesting, and sometimes shocking to see what is happening. It made me think, and think twice before I do something online. It was a really good experience.”

Jessica, 11

“Knowing what other people thought, getting other people’s stories was really useful. Sometimes in lessons people don’t share, but here everyone was sharing.”

Daisy, 11

Use of Digital Technology

  • 42% of 5-7s and 47% of 8-11s have their own tablet. 5% of 5-7s and 35% of 8-11s have their own smartphone.

  • 82% of 5-7s go online for around 9 hours a week. 93% of 8-11s go online for around 14 hours a week.

  • 40% of smartphone owners age 8-11 are allowed to take it to bed with them.

  • YouTube has become the viewing platform of choice for 8-11s – ahead of television.

  • Only half of 8-11s who use search engine websites are aware that some of the results returned by search engines can be trusted and some can’t.

  • 77% of 8-11s are unable to correctly identify sponsored links on Google as advertising, despite them being labelled ‘Ad’.

Source: Children & parents media attitudes and use report (Ofcom, 2018)

Real-world digital skills to support your pupils

Tailored workshops to complement the curriculum

  • Workshops delivered in-school by digital media experts

  • Content aligned with the National Curriculum

  • Tailored to each year group

  • Fun, engaging and interactive

  • Relevant, topical materials with real-world applications

Whether they are researching a school project, starting to code or learning digital design skills, your pupils will have a greater capacity to learn. By accessing relevant and useful information, they can grow their knowledge and acquire new skills for things that interest them.

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“Pupils need good digital media literacy to prepare them for life… to help them become good researchers, make them less likely to be duped or defrauded and help them to survive in the modern world.”

Deputy Head, Bishop Creighton Academy, Peterborough

“Children need to understand where information comes from and the motivations behind it. They need to be taught why some information – like fake news – spreads so quickly, and where to find good quality sources.”

School Governor, Vernon Primary School, Cheshire

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