The Digital Life Skills Company ceased trading in May 2021

“Children are not currently being equipped with adequate skills to negotiate their lives online.”

Children's Commissioner, Growing Up Digital Report (2017)

“Whilst children and young people’s digital literacy has expanded, fundamentally children are often not prepared for the online world.”

The Byron Review, Safer Children in a Digital World

Improving life chances and well-being

Based in the North West, we work with primary schools,  secondary schools youth groups and adult training organisations in Manchester, Cheshire, Stockport and Macclesfield and beyond.

Our Digital Thinking Skills workshops are aimed at key stage 2 and key stage 3 and tailored to specific year groups. We teach participants to be curious and think critically about digital information – whether they are evaluating the credibility of a news story, thinking about the motivations behind the creation of media, or debating how algorithms influence what they see online. Our Digital Inclusion workshops are aimed at adult learners and we offer parent and family training too.

Sessions are fun, practical and participative, featuring real-world case studies, games, discussion and challenges. Participants learn essential search and evaluation skills that can benefit them in school, college, at work and beyond.

Face-to-face or online workshops can be commissioned for youth groups/services, local authorities, employers or parent groups. Get in touch with any questions or to find out more.

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Essential digital life skills for children and young people

Primary schools

Our fun and interactive workshops for Key Stage 2 pupils focus on search skills, reliable sources, fact-checking and evaluating evidence.

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Secondary schools

Our participative and thought-provoking workshops teach Key Stage 3 students to think critically and consequentially about the digital media they see.

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Parents and families

We provide fun, informative and interactive workshops and support for parents, carers and families.

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