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Testimonials from schools

The workshop was great. Very interactive and informative. The students loved it. The students were all engaged and picked up valuable methods for evaluating the validity of online content.

Teacher, Co-Op Academy Stoke

The workshops were very good and informative. The children were engaged and now know how to check information online and not to take everything at face value.

Head of Key Stage 2, Primary School, Stockport

The programme was fantastic, I couldn’t fault it. The students loved it, and talked about it afterwards, so you know that it sunk in. I’d definitely recommend it to other schools.

Head of Computing, Werneth School, Stockport

The workshops really made them think about and question what they see online.

Head of ICT, Priestnall School, Stockport

The workshops were excellent: it made students much more aware of the dangers that face them as users of social media, and it made them aware of their own behaviour. A real eye-opener. The knowledge they’ve gained will stick with them and be really important in future years.

Head of Year, Tytherington School, Macclesfield

The workshops were very informative and relevant. The children now know how to spot affiliate links and clickbait, and will hopefully think about what they are clicking on before they do it.

Year 6 Teacher, Ash Grove Academy, Macclesfield

The students can now differentiate between fact and fiction online, they know to delve deeper into the story and beyond the headlines. More importantly they know online can’t always be trusted and they need to be diligent at all times.

Computer Science Teacher, Secondary School, Manchester

“I participated in the Truth, Trust and Honesty Technology workshop run by The Digital Life Skills Company and I highly recommend it to all  parents with young kids. Very informative and eye opening workshop! We all need to develop these skills to keep our kids safe online and give them the tools to use in the digital world. Schools should have this in their curriculum!!”

Ale, Dad

“Thoroughly enjoyed the Digital Life Skills Company workshop. I learnt a lot from it and was able to go home and relay to my children. It was very informative, and they made it fun and interactive. Keeping my family safe online is really important to me and knowledge is power! I would really like to see these workshops in schools.”

Joanne, Mum

“The Digital Life Company ran four sessions for us as part of a programme for year 7 students. They were professional, approachable, friendly and flexible throughout the sessions. The content of the sessions both valuable and enjoyable. I would highly recommend their sessions and will be using them as part of further programmes that we run.”

Beth Nunn, Director, Pie

Testimonials from parents

Found the Truth, Trust and Technology workshop so useful, not just for how I teach my kids about online (mis)information, but also for myself. Informative content, fun activities, engaging delivery, highly recommend.

Julia, Mum

Following the workshop I will show my daughter scams, check fake news in front of her, talk to her about how ads come first on searches. I’ll now be a lot more mindful of what I’m reading, talk to the kids about fact checking and make it part of everyday life.

Vic, Mum

I recently attended the Truth, Trust and Technology workshop run by Shelley and Laura. It was so informative and delivered in a fun and engaging way. I would highly recommend it and I now feel better informed to help my children navigate their way online.

Rachel , Mum

A really informative workshop with current, up to date information that is relevant in our ever-evolving digital society. This should be a fundamental part of the school curriculum. This is literacy in the same way as reading a book.

Lisa, Mum

Thanks so much for an interesting, interactive and informative talk tonight Shelley and Laura. Would highly recommend and look forward to workshops for families in the future. 

Lucy, Mum

I learnt how to find reliable sources concerning whether things are true online and how important it is to speak to children about what is true and false on line.

Nicola, Mum

I’m now going to talk more at home with the kids about where their info is coming from, how they can check sources themselves, what to look out for, and the tricks people use to manipulate.

Anna, Mum

I went to an evening workshop on how to recognise if the information you are seeing on the internet is fake or not. It was brilliant, I really was clueless at the start and as my kids are starting to get into technology I was worried I didn’t know how to support them. The workshop was relaxed, informative and really fun. It didn’t matter how much or little you knew, Laura and Shelley made us all feel at ease.

Phillippa , Mum

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