Help your kids tell fact from fiction online.

We’ve launched a new webinar for parents (grandparents, carers, aunts and uncles etc.) to help children spot misinformation in their newsfeeds, searches and social media. The pandemic has shown us how vitally important it is to know a trusted source and recognise ‘clickbait’.

Youngsters are often seen as ‘digital natives’ but they – like most adults – struggle to tell fact from fiction online and need guidance to make sense of the information at their fingertips.

Experienced media literacy trainers Shelley Metcalfe and Laura Cunningham have been delivering workshops in schools since 2017 and co-host this new online session.

You’ll learn:

  • How to spot misinformation and avoid ‘fake news’
  • Simple techniques to fact-check online materials
  • Practical habits for media-savvy kids

This year particularly, the internet is awash with deceptive information including hoaxes, pseudoscience, misleading memes, extremist propaganda, clickbait, satire, conspiracy theories and deepfakes. Misinformation fills all our newsfeeds and can shape young people’s beliefs. This webinar will give you the knowledge and confidence to guide the children and young people in your life. This video explains more.

Duration: 1 hour presentation, followed by 30 mins Q & As (optional), evening or lunch time.

What is the cost? £15 (this is a Christmas offer – usual price £20).

When: 12th January, 7.30pm & 20th January 1pm 2021.


What parents said about our face-to-face workshops:

  • 100% felt “more confident” in helping their children navigate online information; almost 9 out of 10 were “much more confident”
  • 100% learnt “a lot”
  • 100% were “extremely likely” to recommend the workshop to others

“A hugely useful session… as an adult and as a worried Mum trying to improve my and my boys’ ability to make sense of information/misinformation/disinformation (I now know the difference!!!) online…”

“It was brilliant, I really was clueless at the start and as my kids are starting to get into technology I was worried I didn’t know how to support them. The workshop was relaxed, informative and really fun. It didn’t matter how much or little you knew, Laura and Shelley made us all feel at ease. Thanks guys!”

“Very informative and eye opening workshop! We all need to develop the skills ..and give [our kids] the tools… Shelley and Laura are offering the information to do so. Schools should have this in their curriculum!! I highly recommend it .”

“Following the workshop I will definitely talk more at home with the kids about where their info is coming from, how they can check sources themselves, what to look out for, and the tricks people use to manipulate.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I thought it was very informative, I learnt a lot from it and was able to go home and relay to my children. They made it fun and interactive. Knowledge is power! I would really like to see these workshops in schools.”

“Brilliant session, thank you so much Laura and Shelley. Really helped give me a greater insight so I can hopefully have better informed discussions with my children.”

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