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Digital Life Skills for Secondary Schools

We deliver lively, participative workshops to secondary school pupils, adapting the programme to the specific needs of the school. Pupils work together to develop their own strategies for dealing with issues, and share their findings with the wider school.

Our ‘Digital Life Skills for Secondary Schools’ programmes can be tailored to the individual needs of each school. Typical content includes:

  • Privacy and reputation
  • Sexting
  • Critical understanding of online content
  • Social skills
  • Cyberbullying
  • Well-being and self esteem

Delivered in-school, our workshops motivate students to think critically and consequentially about their actions online.

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The programme was fantastic, I couldn’t fault it. The students loved it, and talked about it afterwards, so you know that it sunk in. I’d definitely recommend it to other schools.

Head of ICT, Werneth School

It was excellent: it made students much more aware of the dangers that face them as users of social media, and it made them aware of their own behaviour. A real eye-opener.

Head of Year, Tytherington School, Macclesfield

In terms of security they learnt a lot about how to keep themselves secure online, what happens to their information and posts even if they think they’ve deleted it.

Head of Year, Tytherington School, Macclesfield

The course covered everything that needed to be covered. The workshops were fun – I could see that the students got a lot out it. This is something that should be carried out in all schools – it is vital.

Head of Safeguarding, Stockport Academy

The knowledge they’ve gained will stick with them and be really important in future years.

Head of Year, Tytherington School, Macclesfield

Use of Digital Technology

  • 79% of 12-15s have their own smartphone (15% up in the past year)

  • Most children aged 12-15 (65%) have three or more devices of their own

  • 72% of 12-15 year olds have a social media profile

  • One in five 12-15s play games online with people they have never met

  • A quarter of online games players age 12-15 chat through the game to players they don’t know

  • One third of 11-16 year olds report having been targeted, threatened, or humiliated online

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