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Digital Life Skills for Primary Schools

We deliver interactive, thought-provoking workshops to Key Stage 2 pupils, adapting the programme to the specific needs of the school. Pupils work together to develop their own strategies for dealing with issues and share their findings with the wider school.

Our ‘Digital Resilience for Primary Schools’ programme encompasses 4 key areas:

  • Digital literacy
  • Screen time
  • Social skills
  • Emotional well-being

Delivered in-school and complemented by a parent learning strand, the programme enables children to take a balanced, considered approach to their online activities.

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I never realised how easy it is to hurt someone online. It got me thinking about things I hadn’t thought about before.

Sam, 10

It was fun and interesting, and sometimes shocking to see what is happening. It made me think, and think twice before I do something online. It was a really good experience

Jessica, 11

It made me think about what I share. Even if you think it’s funny, you could lose friends

Toby, 11

Knowing what other people thought, getting other people’s stories was really useful. Sometimes in lessons people don’t share because they don’t feel comfortable, but here everyone was sharing.

Daisy, 11

Use of Digital Technology

  • 85% of 5-7s and 95% of 8-11s have access to the internet

  • Smartphone ownership for 8-11s is up 25% in the past year

  • Half of children aged 8-11 have three or more devices of their own

  • 23% of 8-11s have a social media profile

  • More than two in five 9-year olds and half of 10-year olds have a social media profile

  • One in ten 8-11s play games online with people they haven’t met

  • One in five 8-11s who use social media are concerned about ‘people being nasty, mean, or unkind’

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